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Don't cut down on your guest list!

Now you can invite all of your friends and family to witness your wedding ceremony as it happens here on Maui in REAL TIME!

How it works:
We utilize the latest technology to immediately feed the video of your ceremony to a web page on the Internet. This page is then available for viewing by family and friends. They will witness the event in REAL TIME! "Now YOU can share this special moment with loved-ones wherever they might be."

Receiving the Live Stream Video service also entitles you to a CD-ROM so you can view your event from your desktop, or make copies for relatives (CD Read/Write drive required). If needed, additional copies of your CD Rom can be included.
Click here to see a DEMO broadcast clip


2007 Horoscope for Bride and Groom

" The Journey of the Spiritual Warrior Begins "

The Year 2007 presents us with visions that promise prosperity and growth for a larger sector of the populace through innovation and advancement. Great hope must confront the force of deep-rooted resistance and political hypocrisy; yet the year ends with us moving toward needed economic and cultural reorganization.

During January, tensions between the needs for revolution and the need for stability are heightened in the midst of feverish idealism or fanaticism. However, there is promise in a prevailing Jupiter /Neptune trine to bring true idealism, spiritual love, and hope this month and throughout the year. Yet the tendency to use the need for safety and security to promote and enforce a dictatorial faith and fanaticism can lead to explosions from the more repressed and suppressed corners. Especially at the end of the month as Mars joins Pluto (the 28th) in the fervent fire sign of Sagittarius, we are more prone to violent reactions.

February is marked by Mars entering Capricorn (the 6th) and, unfortunately, can wave on the warmongers. Yet intellectual breakthroughs may bring science into serious service for mankind. The agenda for any one particular group, or class, looks pale in the light of the vision of a fair world. And security and safety appear to be weaker and weaker excuses for inhumanity to humanity. There may be some peace-keeping strides accomplished near mid-February, as we continue to be blessed with trines from Aquarius and Libra. Yet with Saturn and Uranus ‘rubbing each other the wrong way’, stress management prevails as a constant prerequisite on our plates, personally, socially, and globally.

An eventful March offers some warm and peaceful emotions from a New Moon in Pisces (the 10th) conjunct Venus both trining Saturn in Cancer. Yet Mars in Capricorn opposing Saturn on the 7th bodes some ‘head butting’ kind of trouble. The second half of the month may usher in some spirited attempts at healing as Mars enters Aquarius and conjoins Chiron. Underneath surface impressions some true elevation of human spirit is indeed taking place. Behind the mirage of people blaming people, there is a growing force of those looking within. The Vernal Equinox of March sets the stage for the spring and this year suggests both passionate healing and passionate fighting. An inspiring trine between Jupiter and Neptune continues to hover over offering hope, vision, and guidance.

A Total Solar Eclipse highlights the spring on April 8th. Falling in the rambunctious sign of Aries, this eclipse presents cathartic social growth. Those of the far political and religious right may find it difficult to curtail the explosive developments in the evolution of the human species, socially, sexually, and spiritually. Relationship issues may be volatile, as security concerns seem to oppress rather than provide, safety.

A new spring exercise routine is highly supported by this New Moon Eclipse in Aries opposite Jupiter so take the opportunity to get a new start. Another April eclipse (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 24th) falls with the Moon in Scorpio in opposition to the Sun and Venus in the sensual sign of Taurus. Strong suggestions of Goddess Gaia energy can provide us a haven in nature, in gardening, and in a particularly prolific display of spring flowers. Creativity will flourish this month for both the artist and the ‘would be’ artist. Although the battle between security and freedom continues through out the world, there seems to be a new twist of innovation surfacing to tilt the scales toward the truth of freedom, change, and political invention.

Both of April’s eclipses suggest some catharsis in relationships. We can be inspired to new arrangements early in the month and then toward the second eclipse have to grapple with the question of whether we can achieve a ‘win-win’. It becomes more and more apparent that media and communication systems within the US need some checks and balances. The themes of both secrecy and deception of the American public gather attention yet the majority suffers from lack of exposure to anything else. It is a good time to seek information from international sources be it radio, newspapers, etc in order to get a balanced view. April and May can be the time when some previously distorted reports of US domestic and international moves are revealed.

May could be a month of doubts and fears as the New Moon in Taurus (the 8th) arrives in square to Neptune, and the pessimism of a Mercury/Saturn square challenge individuals to practice faith and hope. Mid-month may bring a resurgence of violent outbreaks as Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces and we seem to be bankrupt of any political or religious passions not based on self-serving greed. Our oceans or ocean life may express disturbance now. This is the time to pull out the slogan ‘ let peace begin with me’, and keep it close by.
On a positive note, a New Moon in Gemini (June 6th) comes with a beautiful trine of the Sun and Moon to Neptune. These air sign trines stir our imaginations, hopes, dreams, and leave us talking to angels or ET’s in our dreams (or is it a dream?). Perhaps ‘angelic intervention’ may be called wishful thinking by some, but hope vision, and spiritual support is there, in some fashion or another. There may also be a rise of a new patriotism, religious fervor, or downright fanaticism across the world but also across the U.S.

At the time of the Summer Solstice we now have Mars in Aries opposing Jupiter and squaring the Sun – spiriting new fires and battles. But the hope Neptune trines promise in the New Moon chart of June suggests to us that spiritual support, love, and truth are here, visible or not.

For those interested in an artistic showing, or those whose place is on the stage, a special spotlight begins to shine In July as Venus and Mercury in Leo aspect Uranus and the planet Saturn enters Leo. Powerful energies move projects forward with gusto as Mars trines Pluto, yet we could also see a steamroller effect of the strong over the weak. The stresses may increase at month’s end and as August rolls in as Mars squares Saturn. Try to capture the best of this month’s energies by expressing something that is special about you, and by being pro-active toward goals and responsibilities.

In the New Moon chart of August 4th the Sun, Moon, and Mercury oppose sleepy Neptune suggesting we are either truly inspired or truly deluded. A Mars/Neptune square at the end of the month suggests the further exposition of deceptions and revealing of secrets. Sometimes it appears some unseen force is guiding us to more and more truth and bringing more and more light to the lies told. Frictions over oil resources may be particularly suspect. New technological developments in fashion combine the electronic with beautification both in clothing design and body alterations.

The New Moon of September opposes Uranus and portends great change; as tensions surface ‘something’s gotta give’. Stress management is at the top of the list and may require prioritizing and downsizing. Trying to do too many things increases the stress so cross things off your list before you even start your day!
A wonderful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Libra lend romance and beauty - and with both sextiling Pluto there’s also potential for very great impact so…. show your talent and…pronounce your love!

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox (9/22), some harmony may descend in political arenas with the improved communication reflected in a Mercury/Sun trine to the Moon in air signs. Venus, the planet of love, in the passionate sign of Scorpio brings new light to chronic issues of opposing ideals.

Two eclipses in October highlight relationship and the turning away from old patterns in favor of new ones. Libra is highlighted in both eclipses (Annular Solar – Oct 3rd, and Partial Lunar on Oct 17th). Yet as decisions are being made about relationships and the desire for change mounts with Venus square Uranus, the confusion of a Mercury/Neptune square makes it difficult to break through chronic dysfunctional patterns. Still, some new bonds of considerable strength survive and prove durable, and can take hold with a’ love at first sight’ suddenness.
Beauty has its day this month, flourishing in all the Libran energy and enhanced by a Venus/Uranus square, so advancing artwork, or having a ‘make over’ or beautifying home or garden, are sure to be success stories.

November’s New Moon in Scorpio falls on the 1st in opposition to Mars in Taurus. Economic issues proceed, attempting to upswing through new business lines, technology, and foreign stimulation. A radical Jupiter/Uranus trine suggests some breakthroughs (or breakouts) in spite of restrictions and oppositions from ‘powers that be’.

But as December rolls around the stress over limited growth options re-ignites the ongoing conflict between age-old economic strong holds and innovative, inclusive policies of the humanitarian sectors. Powerful energies of December, including a Mars/Jupiter opposition, and a Sun/Moon trine Saturn suggest some solid agreements and compromises can be pushed through and satisfy both the practical and ideal.
Know that we are challenged; you don’t need astrology to know that. But as 2007 continues to increase intensities of our challenges, a guiding light and an unseen force of wisdom is also there for us to access.

During 2007 Jupiter will square both Saturn and Neptune, keeping the counterpoint between growth and resistance, and challenging mankind to greater vision.


Maui Activity for Must-Do Activities

With so much to see and do on Maui, our Activities staff is here to help you make the most of your precious time. Please keep in mind that all tours and activities must be booked in advance. Reservations are made at Maui Activities Booking . There are no vouchers to pick up. We will email you a confirmation with all relevant information. We are providing this service free of charge and can assure you the very best activities at the very same prices that you would be charged by calling each vendor directly. Have a wonderful, exciting vacation!

Maui Luau (Hawaiian party) Activities


Open bar with tropical cocktails, Imu and torchlighting ceremonies, luau buffet, authentic hula show, magnificent oceanfront seating, and an exciting fire knife dancer are all included with this beachside luau. This luau is excellent for kids of all ages and therefore one of the Maui activities for the family.

Maui Sail Activities


Explore the pristine waters of Honolua Bay (summer) or an equally nice West Maui snorkel spot in the winter on the 64' catamaran Gemini! 4 & 1/2 hours of snorkeling, sailing, hot buffet lunch (mahi mahi, teriyaki chicken, rice pilaf, veggis/dip, chips, pb&j for the kids, cookies), and open bar await you with the friendly, fun crew of the Gemini. Easy beach boarding right in front of the Westin hotel on Kaanapali Beach. Other features include glass bottom ports for non-snorkelers, shaded/large central cabin, all snorkel gear (instruction included) and floatation devices, fresh water rinse and complimentary parking at the Westin Hotel.


Beachloading in front of the Westin Hotel on Kaanapali Beach. 2 hour sunset sail, includes cocktails and pupus.


From the beach in front of Leilani's at Whaler's Village in Kaanapali. Four and a half hours on the water as we explore the Westside of Maui in clear, unspoiled water. We provide all equipment, snorkeling lessons, deli style lunch, beer, wine, Mai Tais and sodas.


From the beach in front of Leilani's at Whaler's Village in Kaanapali. Six hours on the water as we explore the island of Lanai in clear, unspoiled water. For these activities we provide all equipment, snorkeling lessons, BBQ lunch, beer, wine, Mai Tais and sodas.


From the beach in front of Leilani's at Whaler's Village in Kaanapali. 2 hour sunset sail, includes cocktails and pupus.


From the beach in front of Leilani's at Whaler's Village in Kaanapali. 2 1/2 hour Sunset Sail, includes cocktails and buffet dinner.

Maui Whale Activities

WHALE WATCHING (seasonal from December through May)

Whale Watching is one of the most impressive Maui activities. From the beach in front of Leilani's at Whaler's Village in Kaanapali. MORNING WHALE WATCH: Two hours from 8:00am-10:00am with continental breakfast. ORIGINAL SUNSET WHALE WATCH: Two hours from 4:00pm-6:00pm (times vary with the sunset) with cocktails and pupus. Experienced naturalists will give you an up close and personal look into the lives and curious behaviors of the humpback whale. DINNER SUNSET WHALE WATCH: Two and 1/2 hours from 3:30pm-6:00pm (times vary with the sunset).

Maui Tour Activities


Enjoy this 5 hour cruise to the infamous, marine preserve Molokini Crater. This crescent shaped island is home to thousands of tame fish and other marine life. The crystal clear water can provide up to 200 feet of serene visibility! Sail aboard the first class tour company Trilogy. Service is impeccable and you will be enjoying a hot cinnamon roll breakfast, and then snorkel the wonderful waters of Molokini. A BBQ lunch and beverages are included in these activiteies as is all snorkel gear and instruction on this deluxe ocean adventure. Sail back to Maalaea Harbor! Certified and Introductory dives also available on this trip for an additional cost.


Get away for a day on a sailing catamaran departing Lahaina Harbor. Hot cinnamon rolls/continental breakfast served on board. A van tour of Lanai town is next on the agenda for those who wish followed by snorkeling in the unspoiled waters off of the island of Lanai in Manele Bay with a scrumptious BBQ lunch served on Trilogy1s own private pavilion in Manele Harbor. Icy cold refreshments available throughout. Enjoy sailing back to Maui. Certified and introductory diving available for an additional cost.

Maui Sea and Water Activities


For those who like the wind in their hair and the seas a little wilder, this is the snorkel trip for you. Three Maui activities to choose from. The Kanaio Coast trip (4 hours), the Molokini Express trip (2 hours) or thecombination of the two (5 hours). The weather dictates the snorkel sites on the Kanaio Coast portion with possibilities of the La Perouse Bay, Ahihi Bay or Turtle Arches. Lunch and beverages are included on the Kanai Coast trip. The Molokini Express trip goes straight out to Molokini after most of the other boats have left to go to their second destination leaving Molokini much less crowded than an earlier morning trip. Includes beverages. The combination tour obviously combines the above two tours with 3-4 snorkel spots. Snorkel gear is provided for all tours. You can plan on getting wet on these rafts and going for a wild ride so no folks with bad backs, neck problems, or pregnant women please! Departs from the South Kihei Boat Ramp at 7:00 am. Kanaio Coast/Molokini:


Right on Kaanapali Beach, soar above it all with an experienced crew and the latest in lift-off and landing technology. Fly away in ease and comfort, alone or with a companion. 400 feet for seven minutes: 800 feet for ten minutes: Available from 8:00am - 5:00pm.


in a big one! Prime Hawaiian game fish include Mahi Mahi, Ono, Ahi, and the Pacific Marlin.


This 46 passenger, air-conditioned submarine dives down to 120 feet in order to show you the marine life for which Hawaii is famous. On the 45 minute dive, enjoy the excitement of being on a real submarine!


Explore the beautiful coastline of Maui and encounter sea turtles and dolphins and do some snorkeling during these activities! Two and half hours to six hour trips available in South Maui including locations such as La Perouse Bay and Makena Landing (Turtle Town). Sodas/snacks/snorkel gear provided.


Snorkel usually 3 different spots around the pristine coastline of Lanai. Search for dolphins and cliff dwelling birds along with turtles and fish found nowhere else in the world. All gear and instruction included. Breakfast, deli style lunch, snacks and beverages are also included. 7:00 am-1:30pm. 1/2 DAY LANAI DOLPHIN SNORKEL: Same as 3/4 day with a minimum of 2 spots. Snacks and beverages are included. 8:30am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4:30pm.


Enjoy this 5 hour cruise to the infamous, marine preserve Molokini Crater. This crescent shaped island is home to thousands of tame fish and other marine life. The crystal clear water can provide up to 200 feet of serene visibility! Enjoy a continental breakfast, and then snorkel the wonderful waters of Molokini. A deli style, lunch, beer, wine and beverages are included as is all snorkel gear and instruction on this deluxe ocean adventure.


Every seat is a window seat on this air-conditioned semi-submarine vessel with surround viewing in its underwater cabin. The 60 or 90 minute tours are expertly narrated and include a dive show with the diver bringing underwater critters right up to the underwater cabin windows. Direct boarding from Lahaina Harbor. 60 minute tours at three times daily and one 90 minute tour daily. Under water Maui activities without getting wet.

Maui Land Activities


Experience the quiet beauty of Maui and leave the crowds behind in this relaxing activity. Meet at their upcountry booth on the drive up to Haleakala Crater to check in for all rides. Introductory Rides at 3:00 pm. Picnic Lunch Rides at 11:30 am. Paniolo Rides at 9:00. Half Day Junction Rides in the crater at 9:15.


Ascend the 10,023 feet of Haleakala"s summit in order to see one of the most beautiful dawns on earth. Then, enjoy a 38-mile bicycle tour that is all downhill! Glide through several climate zones, with incredible views, as you coast all the way to sea level. Tours include round-trip transportation, riding attire, breakfast, and instruction. Sunrise: Approx 2:30am-11:00am. Day Tour Approx. 7:00am - 3:00pm


One of the Top activities on Maui. Fly in an A-Star helicopter with air-conditioning, stereo headphones, and state-of-the-art video equipment. See Haleakala Crater and the beautiful Hana rainforest by air, or fly to Molokai to see the tallest sea cliffs in the world! Hana and Haleakala (45 minutes); Complete Island (60 minutes) , West Maui and Molokai (60 minutes) Helicopter Rides are available 8:00am - 5:00pm.


Full day van tours to the Hana rainforest are available daily. See the most beautiful area of the Valley Isle without having to drive the 'Hana Highway' yourself! Magnificent waterfalls, exotic flowers, and black sand beaches provide the scenic beauty you will never forget. Swim in a waterfall and walk on a black sand beach. A gourmet picnic lunch (incl. smoked chicken and pasta salad) is served on china and linen. This is the first-class way to enjoy the road to Hana! Limousine/Van tours. 7:00am to 5:30pm.


THIS IS THE ULTIMATE LAND/AIR TOUR AT A GREAT PRICE Combine a 40-minute Helicopter tour of Haleakala Crater and the Hana rainforest with a deluxe five hour limo-van tour. See it all from the air and then land in Hana to swim in a waterfall and walk on a black sand beach. A gourmet picnic lunch (incl. smoked chicken and pasta salad) is served on china and linen. Half-day sky trek tours: 7:00am-1:15pm or 11:15am-5:30pm.


Hike with experienced guides deep into the huge subterranean passages of one of the world1s largest lava tubes. Witness this ancient cavern system replete with stalactites, stalagmites and beautiful flowstone appearing as if it were still liquid, now solidified for 30,000 years. Enjoy the one hour lava tube tour which is one of the excellent family activities! Most of the cave is easy walking, while certain sections have irregular terrain and natural lava rock steps where the trail ascends or descends. The Two Hour 'Wild' Lava Tube Tour is an exploration unlike anything you've ever done. Geared for the physically athletic only. You'll be crawling through tight spots into pristine passages and climbing a ladder to an 'overtube' on this tour. All participants must be physically fit. Flashlights, gloves, and hardhats provided on both tours and water/energy bars provided on the two hour tour. Children must be 9 years or older for the One Hour Tour and 16 years or older for the two Hour Tour.


Five Star Maui Hotel Heaven

Looking for a paradise hotel for your wedding night? Maui Hotels are renowned for their high level of excellence and value in one of the world's premier vacation destinations.

From enormous deluxe rooms to championship golf courses, each hotel offers something out of the ordinary.

Here we have selected five quality, five star hotels which are perfect places to create a heavenly marriage or unforgettable vacation.

Each fabulous hotel is highlighted below for its main service strengths and exquisite locations.

The Fairmont- Kea Lani, Maui

The Fairmont Kea Lani hotel is has the only luxury all-suite and villa oceanfront resort on Polo Beach with 22 acres of tropical landscaping and lagoon-style pools. It was rated number 23 on the World's Best Hotels List by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

It is beyond description as is truly superb. It is a top resort for honeymoon couples, and also boasts one, two and three bedroom oceanfront villas and good value sunny breakfast packages.

The hotel has 413 one-bedroom suites, each comprising of a spacious living room, separate bedroom, and over-sized European-style marble bathroom, plus 37 one, two and three-bedroom oceanfront villas with full kitchens and private plunge pools connected by a 140-foot water slide and swim-up bar, plus an adult lap pool. Other facilities include a fitness center, games room, salon, business center, and concierge.

Four Seasons Resort- Wailea, Maui

Four Seasons is also one of the top resorts in Hawaii and the world. It is located on Maui’s southwestern shore, and enjoys the island’s finest beaches and driest, sunny weather.

The Four Seasons Resort is exceptionally grand in concept, but gracefully executed, with great attention made to its unique ocean-front setting.

Breath-taking ocean views are there to be savored, with light meals, and entertainment. The 14 court Wailea Tennis Center is nearby, and at there are two floodlit courts for night-time play.

There are also six outstanding golf courses here, which make Wailea an absolute golfer's paradise. A championship course, the Wailea Golf Club, home of the LPGA Kemper Open, is actually directly across the street from the resort.

The Four Seasons offers an endless choice of activities, with pleasure trips performed on their own sixty foot catamaran to Haleakala National park. Helicopter rides, shopping, whale watching, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities not to be missed.

Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa-Maui

The Grand Wailea Resort is one of Maui’s finest, which also offers something for everyone. It has an unparalleled pool system, which actually has the world’s only water elevator.

The hotel complex includes the Napua Tower and five independent guest room wings, all offering a very high level of quality accommodation.

It also has the largest spa in Hawaii, and has been rated as is one of the Top Ten American Spas by Conde Nast

Guest rooms are extremely spacious and for a top of the range room size of 5,500 square feet for the Grand Suite is quite remarkable, guests of any type are however equally and comfortably welcomed

All over sized rooms come with either a king or two double beds. The room amenities include a private patio, separate bath and shower area, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, very large color TV with cable, in-room movies, three direct-dial telephones, in-room mini-bar, complimentary safe, coffee-maker, bathrobes, and foot slippers.

Sheraton- Maui

The Sheraton Maui Hotel is synonymous with quality accommodation and this luxurious resort is located on the beach at famous Black Rock. It has landscaped grounds have an open and quiet ambience.

The majority of its rooms overlook the ocean, each with its own private balcony, which makes for a truly outstanding position. Its cliff side location also boasts to have one of best areas in Maui’s for snorkeling.

The moment you arrive at Sheraton Maui, the elevated grand entrance presents you with the majestic Pu'u Keka'a rising above a panorama of the blue Pacific and neighboring islands crowned in clouds.

Amongst the 23 acres of lush tropical surrounds, an immense oceanfront swimming lagoon meanders at great length, with lava-rock waterways, enchanting bridges, and a mind relaxing open-air spa.

The facilities on offer are tennis, a fitness Center, and two championship golf courses nearby. For indulgences, the three restaurants exhibit the gastronomic delights of the islands, perfect for lunch or an intimate evening.

Westin Maui Hotel Resort And Spa- Maui

A favorite hotel, famed for its guest room bedding and fabulously large pool, area and waterslide.
Located on Ka'anapali Beach, one of the world's most romantic stretches of sand, this spectacular triple ‘A’, four-diamond resort inspires you to indulge in all that Maui has to offer.

Romance, snorkeling, scuba diving, five waterfalls, championship golf and tennis, casual and a la carte dining, the only limit is your appetite for adventure. This resort has it all.

There are many activities to do for all guests, from the action packed Westin Kids Club, to shopping, sports and unlimited sun. A breathtaking sunset with oceanfront dining at Ka'anapali's premier restaurant, Tropica is there to be savoured or enjoy the exceptional cuisine of OnO's Surf Bar and Grill. Six restaurants and lounges plus exciting evening nightlife, there's plenty to keep anyone occupied

There are priceless art treasures to be discovered in the resort and beautifully maintained grounds to enjoy.

Each spacious guest room features a private terrace or ‘lanai’, coffee maker, private bar and a host of other useful amenities. All rooms fresh, modern décor and feature the trademarked “Heavenly Beds.”

Recently a $5 million dollar expansion of this Resort and Spa has created a new spa, which is expected to be the prototype for all future Westin spas around the world.

For more information on Maui Weddings visit ParadiseMaui at Maui Weddings. offers a number of quality wedding packages. They are based in Hawaii and are one of the island’s main wedding planners.
For more information on Maui Hotels visit ParadiseMaui at Maui Hotels

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Finding a Wedding Coordinator

Why do I need a wedding coordinator to arrange my Maui wedding? Why can't I just arrange the whole thing myself? How hard can it be?

If you want, you can make all of the individual arrangements for your wedding in paradise. All it takes is about a week off work, studying a variety of websites, printing them out and evaluating the vendors you would like to perform at your wedding. Then you have to call all of them and check their references, ask them about their availability on your date, pay them each a deposit so you can be assured that they will show up, and hope that you made the right choices.

Some folks even take a scouting vacation 4-6 months ahead to talk to their photographer, musicians and bakers, scout possible locations and sign all the contracts needed. If you have the time and money to do this, that's great! But how many of us have that luxury?

Then there is your wedding day - now you have to call the photographer to make sure he will be at your hotel at the proper time to get your pre wedding portraits taken, rush out to pick up your dress from the presser, go to the flower shop and pick up your bouquet and leis for your guests, show up early for your hair & make-up appointment at the salon, make sure that you have your license and your rings, and get to the wedding site in time to tell your guests where to go. After you have been running around all day, you're exhausted. Then the worst possible thing happens... it starts to rain! Your beautiful beach wedding is unraveling around you. The musicians say that they won't take their instruments out in the rain and that they need an indoor location to play, the videographer isn't taking his $30,000 digital camera out in the rain because it will stop working in high humidity, your beautiful silk gown is getting ruined, and your hair is a mess after you just spend $175 on the hairstylist!

What are you going to do? You can't postpone the wedding, your minister is not available any other day this week and your reception is all planned and paid for! You didn't think it was going to rain, you thought is was always bright and sunny in Maui in June. You didn't plan an alternative indoor rain location, and now it's too late. Your guests are upset, your vendors won't work, and even your groom is having second thoughts.

Everyone is crouched under a tree saying, "She should have hired a Wedding Planner". But you thought, "How hard can it be to arrange my own wedding in Maui?".

There are a number of qualified, prepared, and experienced wedding coordinators in Maui who would have been able to fix your wedding disaster. They would have made all the arrangements, coordinated all the vendors, flowers, and reception. On your wedding day you could have been having your pedicure out by the pool while sipping on Champagne without a care in the world. If you are considering arranging your own wedding in the islands, GOOD LUCK! Why don't you just hire a wedding planner who can do it all for you. Make sure that they know what your wishes are and guarantee that they can produce your wedding - come rain or shine.


Helpful Tips For The Bride & Groom

Your plane has just touched down in Hawaii and your wedding is just days away. The lovely "wahine" at the rental car agency has handed you the keys to the convertible, words like "aloha" and "mai tai" are starting to roll off your tongue and for some reason the two of you just can't stop smiling. Beginning at this moment, the following beauty and grooming tips are offered for both of you - some obvious, some "only in Hawaii".

If at all possible, stay out of the sun until after your wedding. With the top down, the tropical sun will burn you in the short half-hour drive from the airport to the resorts as well as just taking a stroll down the street. And even as professional as our photographers are, they are powerless to remove seat belt strap lines from your wedding photographs. If however, the lure of the beach proves irresistible, cover yourselves all over with the highest sunscreen you can find.

Also the bride should check her bathing suit straps against her wedding gown. The bride and groom should beware of neck and shoulder burn from tank tops while cruising around the beautiful island.

Avoid hair styles that leave loose strands hanging down the sides of your face. While these hair styles are flattering in the hair salon, as soon as you walk outside to your wedding site, you will be confronted with Hawaii's secret to a balmy climate - the island trade winds. And again, while wedding photographers can restage formal poses, they are helpless if the bride has loose hair blowing across her face during the ceremony. While the trades are wonderful for blowing away tropical heat and humidity, they can turn a veil into a sail. An alternative to the veil is the beautiful Haku lei Hawaiian brides wear in their hair. The flowers are both flattering and traditional.

Pedicures and manicures for the bride should be done the day prior to her wedding, thus insuring her beautiful hands and feet do not get smudged.

Don't forget the groom. Before the wedding the groom should join his bride for a manicure. During your ceremony, one of the shots the photographer will be most diligent about is the exchange of wedding rings. In fact, to ensure a memorable photo, many photographers will have you rehearse putting on the rings before the ceremony. When the camera zooms in for a close-up, you can both be assured your hands will be as attractive as your rings.

Locations versus the style of shoes worn by the bride are often confronted by high heels getting stuck in the sand and the bride sinking into the sand and ruining a gorgeous pair of shoes. Keep the heels in the car and bring sandals to wear if at a beach location.

After your ceremony you probably will want dinner. Your coordinator can arrange for a romantic dinner on the beach or give suggest one of many fine dining establishments as well as mak the reservations.

If you are thinking of a luau after your wedding, it is sometimes difficult if you are having a sunset ceremony, as they both start at the same time. Usually it is best to plan a luau either before your wedding day or after it.