Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Choosing a Maui wedding site location

If you're looking for something small, informal and romantic, then consider a Maui wedding on the beach at sunset. Ceremonies on the beach and in public parks also have the added advantage of being free, compared to the location fees charged at Maui's private estates and churches. Be prepared to be flexible though, and have a backup location in the case of rain. If you're curious about the weather on Maui, a good site to visit is Maui Weather Today.

Or maybe you're the adventurous type? A number of Maui wedding planners on the island offer helicopter trips to romantic, secluded locations, private boat charters, weddings on horseback, or even underwater weddings.
If you know of a great location, be sure to email us with the details!

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Another thing that you will encounter on Maui is the “kama’aina discount”. Some activity companies, accommodations and restaurants offer a discount to locals with a Hawaii State driver’s license. This discount usually runs between 5-20% of normal prices.

Some visitors have a hard time with this. It doesn’t really seem fair, you know? Remember that under no circumstances are you paying more than the regular price, just the normal.

The kama’aina discount started as a way to draw in local business during the slow season. Also, tourism and the things that go with it is the biggest “business” in Maui…we’re surrounded by it daily, so it’s nice to be able to participate in the fun (while still being able to pay the rent) once in a while.



I still hear the theme music of Jaws when I go to the beach. Man, that movie scared me like nothing else…it drove my parents crazy. Here I was, a tan little local kid, petrified of swimming in the ocean.

Naturally, I got over it. Well, almost over it. Here are the facts: Your chances of getting attacked by a shark are slim. About six million people get into Hawaiian waters countless times a year. According to the Shark Research Program at the Florida Museum of Natural History, from 1820-2001 there were 101 reported shark attacks in Hawaii. Twenty percent of these proved fatal.

So while you probably won’t become shark bait, it is always best to take precautionary measures.

The Hawaii Shark Task Force recommends the following to help reduce your chances of a shark attack: don’t swim alone, swim in guarded areas, avoid swimming at dusk, don’t bleed into the ocean (not even a little, ladies), avoid murky waters, don’t wear brightly colored jewelry or high contrasting colors (buh-bye hot pink and orange bikini and bling-bling), don’t swim if sharks are known to be present (signs will usually be posted if the State is aware of the sightings), be alert if turtles and fish are fleeing the area, and remove speared fish from the ocean promptly (if you’re spear fishing).


Humpback Whales return to Maui

Winter is whale season. According to Missy Spratt of the Pacific Whale Foundation, whale watches are conducted December through May, but the peak of the season hits in the months of February and March.

The week after Christmas we tend to have a big surge of tourists coming into the island. I guess, like our friends the whales you have some free time to come and escape the “real” cold. There tends to be a lot of families who bring the kids over for the tail end of Christmas break.

Crowds can mean that certain activities may be challenging to book due to space limitations and small Bed and Breakfast’s and vacation rentals may be full…If you plan on scheduling your vacation during the winter, book your activities and accommodations well in advance.

On a positive note, the winter crowds can be an exciting and enlightening experience for the social butterfly. You will be sure to meet fellow travelers from around the world. The more the merrier, right?

What better time but to have Maui Weddings in Hawaii.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Hawaii Bridal Expo - January 2009

So I did a search for hawaii wedding planners and so many different sites came up. But I don’t know any of these people. I was hoping to find something exciting something upscale but found nothing that will compare with Maui Wedding Planners

Hawaii Bridal Expo
Hawaii Bridal Expo

January 16-18, 2009
Neal Blaisdell
Exhibition Hall

777 Ward Ave

Honolulu, HI

Friday: 5:30 pm to 10 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am to 5 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am to 4 pm

Fashion Show Times
New Fashions displayed throughout the day
Tickets: $8.00 Buy 1 and get 1 free!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Maui Weddings in Hawaii

It's that time of year again, now that I'm looking forward to what's going to be hip and hot in 2009.
If you're planning a destination wedding to Maui Hawaii, you're probably wondering what will be trendy and hip. There's no denying that 2009 Maui Weddings will be heavily influenced by two things!

The economy. It is tiring to be constantly talking about how the economy will impact your life, but based on our inquires, I'm already seeing ways in which a smaller budget has inspired couples to have more creative, intimate, and personal weddings here on Maui Hawaii. (You are in luck as we have the most affordable maui wedding package ;-) )

Chic style will be the second influence I'd say. Rather than large maui weddings, where cost cutting means a lack of details or fun, the 2009 Maui weddings can be full of fabulous details meant for smaller, affordable maui Weddings in Paradise.

What do you think?

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Live Maui Wedding Broadcasting

As the New Year approaches, my former student who I trained in web casting left Maui for a none wedding related job and just as we did before "Maui Live Wedding web cast or broadcast" whatever you like to call it is back for Paradise Maui Weddings to handle. You might as well bookmark the site below and keep us in mind for your live maui wedding broadcast as we are not going anywhere. As far as I know, there are only two remaining services available on maui for live web casting that means Paradise Maui Weddings and ONE other private individual that I know of. I sure hope my former student returns, but based on his message on his blog ea.

What does that mean for live wedding web cast operations back on Maui? Well, we will be working on a more limited schedule through April and might not be able to accommodate everyone.

I just don't know what will come of this. I would hate for him to spend 2k on a round trip ticket from New York to Maui for a $400 dollar gig or so. Would you?We are still here not going anywhere so reserve you live wedding web cast through "Paradise Maui Weddings Live Broadcast" while others leave the island Paradise Maui is always there for the brides like we have been since 1998.

Happy New Year

Take a look at our Waikiki Live Web Cam

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Paradise Maui Weddings in Hawaii

Our favorite suggestions:
Relax and unwind with a romantic massage at a spa. Get in the mood with a private sunset charter for two. Watch the sunrise from atop Haleakala Crater. Kick back with an Island Limo Tour - choose one which has a license to serve champagne. Embark on a romantic dinner cruise - and don't forget a fragrant floral lei to present to your partner at sunset! Explore secluded snorkeling spots. Hire a private guide and explore the island. Enjoy a catered dinner for two on the beach. Bring your cameras and capture every tender moment!

Granted, a honeymoon is meant for two, but it's a good idea to establish your independence right from the get-go! Schedule a day for yourself while on your honeymoon. This gives you both time to breathe – to put things in perspective during what has probably been a whirlwind of boundless emotional highs and lows and nervous excitement for your new beginnings. For the men, this might mean a day of sportfishing or 18 holes of golf at one of Maui's numerous championship golf courses, for the women a day of exquisite pampering at a world-class spa, a quiet drive upcountry followed by a tour of Tedeschi vineyards winery, or simply a day with a good book or the newspaper. Whatever you decide, this day for yourself is just that: something YOU want to do. Not what your spouse, parents or friends THINK you should do. Think about it. You're coming to Maui!!! You've always imagined yourself ......

Discuss this "day of solitude" with your partner, and agree to it beforehand! There's no need for hurt feelings during this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Let's face it. The last thing someone wants is to feel ditched on what should be the most romantic vacation of their lives!! Besides, your partner will surely agree if you approach the subject in a sensitive manner.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Maui Wedding Photographer

The photos and video of your event should capture you at your very best and be of the highest quality. After all, you will be displaying and sharing your wedding photos with family and friends for years to come. DON'T SKIMP HERE!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hawaii Weddings on Maui

What are "Authentic" Hawaii Weddings?

Good question! Truth is, because early Hawaiians had no written language, we have no way for knowing for sure what was involved in a typical Hawaiian marriage ceremony. It is believed that the formal marriage ceremony was reserved only for the Ali'i (royal class). Unfortunately, the Hawaiian wedding ceremonies offered today are largely based on speculation.

Most companies offering Hawaiian wedding packages are designing your special day around a central theme of Hawaiian “Aloha” – the expression of love and respect for each other, for the earth and all her bounty.

Many Hawaiian weddings include:

* A Beach or Garden setting.
* An officiant who may or may not perform a Hawaiian blessing in the Hawaiian language in addition to the English ceremony.
* Exchange of Leis. Traditionally, grooms wear a maile leaf lei which can be worn alone or woven with ilima.
Brides frequently wear the fragrant pikake (white jasmine) which can also be entwined with maile.
* Some ceremonies include Hawaiian music and the blowing of the conch.

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Sunset or Daytime Maui weddings?

A Hawaiian wedding on the beach at sunset! How romantic! The heat of the day rises up through the warm, white sand; the afternoon trades have died down to a gentle breeze; the crowds have thinned; the sun drops gently beyond the horizon, filling the azure sky with brilliant trails of vibrant orange and gold.

If family and friends will be attending your wedding on Maui, and you're planning your wedding outdoors, pay special attention to where your guests will be seated. If they are sitting facing directly into the setting sun they will have a difficult time watching your ceremony!


Green Weddings - Earth Friendly Maui Weddings

Don't think having an earth-friendly wedding means sacrificing style!" Couples are thinking of their future families and how they can do something kind for the planet with this occasion. The new thinking, is "looking at the wedding as a way to do something really beautiful but not waste." Hawai'i is a very ecologically friendly place anyway. ... It's great they're thinking along those lines."..... and so do we


Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's the best time for a Maui Wedding in Hawaii?

The Crowds:
The busiest time of year in Hawaii is between January through April. The last week of December, through January 5 (Christmas & New Years) is the absolute busiest period. If you're planning a beach wedding, do not expect to have the beach to yourself. All beaches in Hawaii are public.

The Weather:
The weather on Maui between January - April is exceptional. November - December is considered the "rainy" season, so by January everything is lush, green and "tropical". The south end of the island (Kihei and Wailea) generally receives less rain than other parts of Maui.

It is also considerably cooler during the winter in Hawaii, which will make a difference if you're planning on being dressed to the nine's! On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing more romantic than a walk on the beach beneath the stars on a balmy summer night! August and September tend to be hot and dry, with temperatures averaging between 85-90ºF during the day, and 60-70ºF in the evening.


University of Hawaii Professor Gives Lecture on Hawaiian Culture

I was excited to hear that Dr. Sankaran Krishna of The University of Hawaii was coming as a guest lecturer in November.

Since he's coming, I decided to brush up on my Hawaiian history. (I've always been fascinated with Hawaiian culture anyway).

For those of you who want to learn more about Hawaii, there are some good books out there.

There are many great books on Hawaii's history, but one of the best places to start is with the formation of the Hawaiian islands, vividly described in David E. Eyre's "By Wind, By Wave: An Introduction to Hawaii's Natural History" (Bess Press, 2000).

I encourage all serious writers and historians to attend.

(For more information on Hawaiian history and culture, visit
Maui Weddings)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maui Weddings in Hawaii

Should you use a Maui wedding planner?

Unless you are familiar with what Maui has to offer, a full service wedding coordinator is highly recommended. Besides making all the arrangements for you (something to consider if you're trying to make phone calls from a different time zone and racking up huge long distance phone charges to Hawaii in the process), the cordinator will be able to keep an eye on costs.
It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of wedding companies on Maui. How do you choose? To be honest, the final choice will probably come down to pure, gut instinct. My personal tip to finding the best Maui wedding planner for your event.
Your choice of Maui wedding planners will ultimately come down to the personal relationship between you and your prospective planner. Some brides-to-be even fly out to Hawaii to interview potential candidates. For most, this is a cost prohibitive option, so be sure you use your phone time constructively and follow your instincts.

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