Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hawaii Weddings on Maui

What are "Authentic" Hawaii Weddings?

Good question! Truth is, because early Hawaiians had no written language, we have no way for knowing for sure what was involved in a typical Hawaiian marriage ceremony. It is believed that the formal marriage ceremony was reserved only for the Ali'i (royal class). Unfortunately, the Hawaiian wedding ceremonies offered today are largely based on speculation.

Most companies offering Hawaiian wedding packages are designing your special day around a central theme of Hawaiian “Aloha” – the expression of love and respect for each other, for the earth and all her bounty.

Many Hawaiian weddings include:

* A Beach or Garden setting.
* An officiant who may or may not perform a Hawaiian blessing in the Hawaiian language in addition to the English ceremony.
* Exchange of Leis. Traditionally, grooms wear a maile leaf lei which can be worn alone or woven with ilima.
Brides frequently wear the fragrant pikake (white jasmine) which can also be entwined with maile.
* Some ceremonies include Hawaiian music and the blowing of the conch.

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