Thursday, December 25, 2008

Paradise Maui Weddings in Hawaii

Our favorite suggestions:
Relax and unwind with a romantic massage at a spa. Get in the mood with a private sunset charter for two. Watch the sunrise from atop Haleakala Crater. Kick back with an Island Limo Tour - choose one which has a license to serve champagne. Embark on a romantic dinner cruise - and don't forget a fragrant floral lei to present to your partner at sunset! Explore secluded snorkeling spots. Hire a private guide and explore the island. Enjoy a catered dinner for two on the beach. Bring your cameras and capture every tender moment!

Granted, a honeymoon is meant for two, but it's a good idea to establish your independence right from the get-go! Schedule a day for yourself while on your honeymoon. This gives you both time to breathe – to put things in perspective during what has probably been a whirlwind of boundless emotional highs and lows and nervous excitement for your new beginnings. For the men, this might mean a day of sportfishing or 18 holes of golf at one of Maui's numerous championship golf courses, for the women a day of exquisite pampering at a world-class spa, a quiet drive upcountry followed by a tour of Tedeschi vineyards winery, or simply a day with a good book or the newspaper. Whatever you decide, this day for yourself is just that: something YOU want to do. Not what your spouse, parents or friends THINK you should do. Think about it. You're coming to Maui!!! You've always imagined yourself ......

Discuss this "day of solitude" with your partner, and agree to it beforehand! There's no need for hurt feelings during this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Let's face it. The last thing someone wants is to feel ditched on what should be the most romantic vacation of their lives!! Besides, your partner will surely agree if you approach the subject in a sensitive manner.



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