Monday, January 5, 2009

All inclusive Maui wedding package

Good afternoon Klaus,

I just wanted to express how grateful Helene and I were for the way you and your team planned and managed our wedding three weeks ago. Booking something as important as your wedding on the internet demands an enormous amount of faith.
The people you assembled for our wedding were both professional and friendly…you have no idea how much Helen and I enjoyed the whole experience.

As the wedding progressed we lost sight of some of the participants and did not express our thanks…please extend our thanks to all when you next see them.

You should also know that the video and the still photographs were both excellent.

Once again our sincere thanks for creating a wonderful memory.

(We have tried in vain to find and purchase music by Ron Kuala’au but have had no luck, even the people at the Maui Prince we unable to help. Do you have a way that we might contact him directly?

If you like to have a Maui Wedding then please consider Paradise Maui Weddings for your destination.

Best regards


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