Saturday, March 21, 2009

May I Marry Your Daughter :: Fathers feelings

A day like any other when my phone rang - My daughter's boyfriend was calling! Last time he called me was when he reported a bad accident my daughter was in. I answered the phone hesitantly and after a few words said, he asked me for my daughters hand.

The conversation took "guts,". "It was a respectful thing to do.
In my social circle, it's not so much literally asking the dad for her hand in marriage, but rather more a matter of formality and respect.

I had no idea what to say at that moment - I held back my tears of joy - my recordings went on rewind as I played back all I remembered of her - of how she grew up, how her life transitioned from then to now. I also replayed my memories I have of her boyfriend - how he first asked her on his knees with a rose in his hand once before and now 8 years later she finally said YES this past Wednesday "their anniversary".

As I sit here ( with tears running down my face ) and try to write,
the day slips softly into night. It seems I can never find the words, I never know where to start. It's impossible to express the feelings, I have for you in my heart. I hope the following says it all. I love you!

You'll never really know, my dear,
Just how much you mean to me,
A mother's love, buried so deep,
That only my heart can see.

When I sit and really stare at you,
All I can do is grin,
Somewhere down deep inside,
I see myself within.

I'd never change a thing in you,
I thank God that your so fine,
Even when your at your worst,
I'm so proud that you are mine.

The roads we have traveled,
were not always that good,
I would take back all the pain you've felt,
Only if I could.

I know that I'm not perfect,
It's the best that I can do,
But everyday, I thank the lord,
For a daughter as special as you.

I gave him my blessing and hope that they will share the rest of their lives together.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

私と結婚するか。"Kekkon shite kuremasu ka" :: "Will you marry me?"

"Isshou kimi no soba ni isasete kudasai" translates to: " Please let me be by your side for the rest of my life." "Boku o sekai-ichi shiawase na otoko ni shite" which means: "You would make me the happiest man in the world." .....

I have a Japanese girlfriend and ONE DAY I will be ready to propose marriage to her. "I am going to be asking my Japanese girlfriend to become my wife.
I plan to say it in Japanese and then repeat it in English, since our marriage will be a beautiful fusion of the two. We've never talked about what our wedding will be like, but it will entail features from both Western and Eastern marriage ceremonies, to symbolize the union.

However, I do know that she would appreciate that I would learn Japanese, and she would be just thrilled any time if I'd make an effort to say something, even if it's said with mistakes or mispronunciation. She would feel that it is a sign that I appreciate her and her culture. So I plan to do both with my proposal.

NOW... The first thing that I should do is to figure out how to propose to my girlfriend. I have a lot of freedom here since she knows that I am a gaijin and I might propose like a gaijin. But still, I will make it special for her by bringing out some of the traditions of Japan. I will pick a romantic location, and just say it from the heart. It may even be on a cruise ship to Alaska or ????

The parents are the next step. And I will work with my girlfriend to make sure that that part goes right.

We are both in love with the Islands and may just have a Waikiki Wedding some day!

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